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  • Runescape Gets New Horror Tale Quest and Double XP Weekend To Celebrate Halloween season

    Jagex has announced that Runescape will receive a new terror story mission this Halloween season and a increase XP saturday and sunday for players to degree up their characters. Avid gamers will enter the new adventure entitled "Broken House" and experience the spooky action that is guaranteed to send out chills your spine. Continue reading.

  • RUNESCAPE Provides A lot more POWER TO Participants WITH RUNELABS

    Wednesday 21 st Jan 2015, Cambridge, UK - Jagex Game titles Recording studio, makers and custodians in the fantasy MMORPG, RuneScape has launched RuneLabs, further more permitting players to determine the way forward for the video game. RuneLabs can be a important progression of your Gamer Strength motivation, which efficiently unveiled at the end of 2013. Since the scheme’s creation, approximately ten million gamer votes happen to be cast contributing to this kind of initiatives as the Misplaced Town of the Elves enlargement load up and Legacy Method.

  • RuneScape Expense of Tetsu Swords and Seasinger wand and orb

    RuneScape has unveiled amount 85 duel-wielded melee and mage weapons into your activity by means of Gamer-possessed Ports. These are generally no-tradable and degradable, so the best way to receive is through your harbour. Simply how much do these tools price, to demand as well as to use? This RuneScape guidebook will look at the charges.

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