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  • Runescape How To Hunt Harmonized Runite For Up To 2m Hour Or So

    RuneScape participants can make over two million coins each hour mining runite ores afk. The secret to successful afk runite exploration involves several factors that can be easily arranged. There are two runite rocks within the Trahaearn industry of Elf City, in addition to coal, mithril, and adamant rocks. Most of the time, they work as ordinary rocks of their respective types.

  • RuneScape's Winter of Content

    New Frosty Manager and Snowboarding Among the Shows of a Occupied Festive Period of time for Jagex's MMORPG


  • Snowboarding Coming To RuneScape Damn Correct It Is

    Jagex Game Recording studio have this morning announced that the flurry of winter-themed information will be coming over to the game this holiday season such as a new “frosty boss” and snowboarding. That’s right, snowboarding in an MMORPG. Please permit it to be like SSX Difficult but with Mages and Warriors.

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