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  • Transformers Universe rejigs from MMO to “MOTA”, returning northern summer 2014

    Transformers Universe, the long hoped-for and suspiciously silent MMO project from Runescape developer Jagex, has been reworked as a “MOTA”.

    In a web site update, Jagex business executive Mark Gerhard unconcealed that the developer “refined” its “vision” for the sport considerably over the course of 2013.

  • What is in store for RuneScape in 2014

    If you have been experiencing disconnections or prolonged lag whereas making an attempt to play RuneScape latterly, it's in all probability not simply you. Service disruptions are in progress for RS Gold

  • RuneScape are able to reach the number

    How much music will the common MMO contain? It depends, of course, however I doubt that several games ar ready to reach the quantity that RuneScape will. ar you prepared for it? It's 982 tracks. i am dead serious. it is not simply that RuneScape has been out since the start of the web however that the team continues to feature new music frequently. It's very insane simply investigate this list of updates.

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